Monday, February 1, 2010

Muse Prompting - an introduction

A while back I had a blog for posting images, which writers could use for inspiration if they wanted. Long story short I hadn't updated that blog much, or very recently. I still like the idea of posting images and other prompts, so I figured I could have some muse prompting in my writing blog.

I do tend to gravitate towards scenery, it's fun to imagine what sorts of characters might wander into the setting. I made this with Bryce, a 3D rendering program. I also have a program that works with figures (DAZ studio) which I'll use for more prompts sometime soon.

The old Muse Prompting blog.


Joanna St. James said...

this is really something, I dont write sci fi but its already sparking my imagination. Good job

Claire Goverts said...

Thanks. I've been thinking of continuing the muse prompting series recently and will probably include some of my landscape photography. I'm still figuring out what sorts of things to post and how often.