Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog series idea: Character Challenges

I've had a lot going on recently, and it's been causing me issues with blogging and online time in general. I figured I would try out something fun for awhile to get back into blogging. I may or may not stick to my previous Sunday schedule. My thought is it may be better to post when I have something to write about instead of trying to fight with the words on a specific day of the week. At least while I'm getting back into the swing of things.

So, one of the things I'd been thinking about offline is human behavior patterns and how they can be applied to fictional characters. After earning my BS in psychology I do tend to mull over behaviors more then other people do. Then I had an idea moment, that it would be fun to have blog posts about a particular behavior along with how it might play out with a fictional character. I'm also hoping that it might help other people reading my blog to ponder over different things, or at the very least be fun to think about how their characters might act in the various situations.

With writing I've never been one to get much out of those character trait lists. I know other people do, they just don't work well with my style of creating characters. I like being able to let my thoughts flow and interact with other character related ideas. It's hard for me to go down a list and figure out each one at a time. If anything I like Holly Lisle's flow chart she has in her create a character book.

That all being said would anyone be interested in playing along with me? Anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about the behavior/situation in the comments and/or how their characters might act. Either way it's something that will be fun for me to write about.


Christine said...

Sounds fun! I have found my way to your blog via Karen's blog 'Coming Down the Mountain'. I'll follow you, if I may?

KarenG said...

You know Claire when I've been away from blogging for awhile I find it a lot harder to get back into it as well. But no one seems to mind. We're all busy here! A degree in psychology has to be helpful in characterization! I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow with no internet for 5 days so I can't play, but it sounds fun and helpful!

Claire Goverts said...

Christine - Hi :) Sure, that would be nice to have you as a follower.

Karen - With following, blog readers and RSS feeds it's easy to see when blogs are updated again after a break. My psychology degree is pretty useful, especially when figuring out how my characters interact with others given various social norms. Have fun on your vacation :)