Monday, October 4, 2010

Muse Prompting Monday

PathFloor A walk down a pine needle peppered path. I thought this would be a fun photograph to use for my Muse Prompting series. I like some of the other photographs from this area better, but the roots in this shot look like they are waiting to trip an unsuspecting character. And without the sky seen the time of day is a little more ambiguous, leaving more to the imagination.

Imagine character(s) on this path. Is someone walking alone? Running away from someone else? Or perhaps a romantic stroll?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Make a good fantasy setting!

Not Hannah said...

Ooh, I like this idea! Is it a carnival or something you do on your own?

Claire Goverts said...

Thanks :)

Alex - Once I install Bryce again (Landscape 3D program) I can make some really great fantasy scenes. Not only is it easy to change the sun/sky settings, but there are also a few good fantasy skies preloaded. Though the right lighting and scene would make for some good fantasy photography.

Not Hannah - Awhile back I started a muse prompting blog to post pictures for other writers to hopefully be inspired by. I enjoy visual prompts, and it's amazing to see the different directions people can take the same set of pictures. (A local writing workshop I attend does picture prompts). I had stretched myself a little thin blog wise, and decided that the muse prompting would fit here in my writing blog. I still have the muse prompting blog online, I'm just not updating it any longer.

Plus to with the photographs I think it's neat to be able to show off part of the area I live in. The photo in this post is on a local path near work.