Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whiskers, one year later

I was going to call this post "one year with Whiskers", but then I figured it sounded like something bad happened. And I should have posted this last month, so I guess this is a year and a month with Whiskers.

Last year my neighbor died leaving behind her four year old male cat. My husband and I would see the cat when he spent time outside. He was happy sitting under the bushes and watching the local wildlife. We debated about taking him, with already having three cats. He had a place with a family, but when that fell through we decided to take him.

We picked him up from the vet and got him settled into our back bedroom. He had space of his own while getting used to us. He got out of the room that evening and we struggled to carefully get him back. He was in our family room huddled in a corner and snarling. Poor thing didn't know what to make of everything.

Now he's completely at ease with our house and the other cats. He plays with Maya, the 6 year old cat. He tries to play with Toby, but Toby is to old to play rough.

And Whiskers is our pal. Once he got settled in he started jumping on us and sitting on our shoulders. It's quite a surprise to have a cat leap from the floor and land chest high. He loves to get pets and for us to play with him.

Now that we have the baby he has taken to being a lap cat. It doesn't matter who is holding the baby. Sometimes he will find another lap, and other times he will sit with whoever has baby. He also likes baby gear. He sleeps on the changing table, and climbs into her stroller. He also likes the chair in her nursery.

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Geo. said...

I have spent a half century with whiskers but I don't leap on peoples' chests. I say give it time. He'll settle down.