Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wish me luck: Job Hunting

Long story short, my department was restructured and my position was eliminated. So I'm now unemployed and am currently working on getting a new job. I've been on a few interviews for jobs in my field, so things are moving along. I've been working in higher education (Institutional Research), which is where I've been interviewing.

While still working on the job stuff I am trying to figure out ways to get some creative time in. I figure that could help with this transitional time. Plus too I hadn't been getting as much writing / jewelry time in with the baby. I do want to make sure to spend plenty of time with her, she'll only be this young once. Right now it is just a balance of everything. And as she gets a little older the two of us can draw / paint together. With her being so little I think I may sketch more often. That has less parts to clean up quickly for when she needs me.

I've been debating for awhile what changes I might want to make to my blogging time. I keep toying with the notion of making a "mommy" blog. I like to mention daughter here occasionally, but I want to keep this as my main writer / life blog. I also want to blog about more local topics, kid related places could go in my mommy blog while other topics could go here. And I'm also thinking of blogging about topics relating to my field. Not sure exactly what I'd write about yet for that. It would depend on my audience.

Yes, ramble post of ramble. I've been wanting to mention job hunting for awhile, and every time I think of what to say I debate about what to include. This blog is writing with a slice of life, and right now this is a pretty big slice of life.


E.J. Wesley said...

Sorry to hear you on the market for reasons out of your control, Claire. But it can be an exciting time, looking for a new job. Here's to you finding an even better opportunity!

Jess said...

Best of luck with the job hunt~ someone will be very glad when they hire you! And I'm all for mommy blogs :)

Claire Goverts said...

Thank you both. As anxious as this can be the possibilities of different work places is exciting. It helps having been on interviews already. I've met some great people.

Jess - I may have to start a mommy blog.

Geo. said...

Best wishes on your job search. Busy time of life. No idea how I got through it. Did though. So will you.

Julie said...

I hope you've had some luck with your job search, Claire. Sorry this happened to you, but like EJ I hope it will lead to something much better for you!