Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tablet help

I'm looking at tablets and figured I'd ask for advice from readers here. I have an old netbook that doesn't work so well anymore, and with wanting a tablet I figured that will be my new mobile device.

I'm looking at something fairly easy to take places, can work on my writing, and possibly do some digital art as well. (Nothing fancy, but would like to use an S pen for random sketching). I'm fine with buying a Bluetooth keyboard for the more involved writing sessions, though being able to write a blog post without the keyboard would be handy. I use both WordPress and Blogger. Can do the apps for my own blogs, but not others. Web WordPress is a pain on my phone. (Galaxy 4)

I've been primarily looking at Samsung tablets. I'm debating if I'd want a 8 inch or 10. I'm also debating S or pro v basic galaxy tab 4.

So what sizes work well for others and why? Does an 8 inch have a decent amount of screen space for writing and sketching? Is a 10 inch tab a pain to carry around?

We've got a basic 7 inch mostly for daughter, and it is a fair amount of space. I'm just stuck trying to figure another inch bigger than that v 3 inches bigger.

This would be easier to figure if I was mostly doing random games and Facebook.

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