Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year End

Well, 2009 was quite the year. I had plenty going on, from buying a new house to general family things, but I did manage to make some progress on my writing.

Back in January I had 4 goals for my writing:
2YN - Stay caught up with the class, start draft by year end. (The writing part of the class goes into year 2).

Fantasy to Be - My 2008 Nano. The first draft needs finishing, then start thinking of more world building in preparation for revision.

Children's book - Put together a nice edited/cleaned up digital version and start looking to sell this one somewhere. (which should be a project in and of itself as I've really only been reading up on some of the procedures for novels).

Alt Romance - This one's been hanging around for awhile now, I wrote the first draft early in 2007 and have only done minimal amounts of editing on the first few chapters. Would be nice to do an edit pass of this over 09.

And I managed two out of the four. My 2yn (the mining mystery) came along nicely, I even finished the draft. The fantasy draft is finished, and I've pondered the world some in which it takes place.

For the Children's book I still have to start looking into what I'll need to do for that. But I decided that I want to focus on my novels for 2009. I may decide to work on it come 2010, or maybe 2011.

The alternative romance still needs some character work, and I need to decide some things on it yet. I figure this will be good to set aside until I have a cleaner draft of my other two main projects. And I'm also tempted to take a trip to the Adirondacks, where a good part of the novel takes place for research purposes.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on my 2010 goals, and possibly general writing resolutions.


Erica said...

Nice job 2 out of 4 - not bad! World building is a lot of work!! Good luck to you in 2010 :o)

Claire said...

Erica - thank you :) I did the 2 year novel class (year 1) at Forward Motion this year, and as I was reading the various world building lessons for my SF novel I would think about how the topics applied to my fantasy as well.

Good luck to you to in 2010.