Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals

Well it's that time of the year to put together writing goals for 2010. What I mostly want to accomplish is revision, getting through a complete pass on a novel would be great. And yes, I'm planning on multiple passes, starting with big things like plot and characters then moving down to grammar and structure.

2yn/Mining Mystery - I'm aiming for a complete revision pass on this draft. At the very least figuring out exactly how my main character solves the mystery at the detailed level would be a good start. Maybe the mystery clues would be good for the start of the year. I still have more world building to do for this one as well, having written the first draft helped me to see where I need more work on the world, and where it's got enough planning.

Magical Fantasy 1 - World building for this. The first draft is done, and it's really rough. I'd like to get details down about how the world works, magic, politics, history, etc. Doing some more work with the characters as well would be good. I want to have this one ready for a revision pass come 2011.

Magical Fantasy 2 - Write the first draft. This goal depends on the work for book 1 of the series. I want to have more things figured out before going into book 2. This also depends on the mining mystery work. I'm not going to write this until I'm most of the way through the revision pass on that novel. I'd like to not keep adding to the number of first draft only novels I have.

Short Stories - Depending how the novel work goes I'd like to read through my short stories and see which ones I may want to revise and start submitting.

Critique - I'm a member of 2 groups, and I'd like to critique others work on a regular basis this coming year.

Back to School for Busy Writers - A Forward Motion class, offered by members for members. Depending on the scheduling they have planned for these next year I have an idea for a class.

Organizational wise - I need to set up my writing area better at home. I still have boxes around my desk from when we moved along with random things on my desk. I'm planning on moving my pc tower to the other side of my desk then I can move my shelf closer. Most of what is in the boxes is for that shelf. That will also leave me with some space for storage containers for the various stuff on my desk (which is mostly jewelery related).

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