Monday, July 9, 2012

Apptastic: Kids Doodle

So awhile back I'd Tweeted about blogging about apps I've tried out. I was playing with this app tonight and thought it would be fun to blog about. I got the free version for my Android.

Pretty much this app has a random element to it. Each time you touch the screen there is a different color, or line thickness. You can tap a button to randomly select another brush.

This is something I play with when I want to randomly Doodle. And I also let the baby make a drawing on occasion. I don't want her to have too much screen time.

They also make an app called Paint Joy which has a color selector and some different brushes. I use that one when I want a bit more planning with a picture.


Jeremy Bates said...

That's cool. Have you seen "Paper by 53?" I don't know if it's on Android (I have a Galaxy tablet), but my fiance is an artist and has it on her iPad2. I think it costs $6, but it's definitely worth it.

Rosalind Adam said...

I like this app. I've got a drawing app for my iPad but it's not as exciting as yours... Or maybe it's the doodler!