Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cheerio caching while small shopping

Some people do geo caching, we do the Cheerio version. At least that's what it felt like when going out for Small Business Saturday today with almost 10 month old.

We started out in Fairport, having coffee at the Liftbridge Cafe. Baby Girl had her Cheerios while we had coffee. Of course she dropped some in the process. Those little Os go flying pretty good when she pats the table.

We bundled up and walked down Main Street to the Mercantile. Baby Girl shopped till she dropped. So she napped in her stroller while we looked at various crafty, vintage, and other fun items. I even found her a wooden version of those stacking rings. And I bough some jalapeno honey mustard.

Next was a stop into Candy Nation, a short walk down Main. This place brings out the kid in everyone and has a wide variety of candy. We were greeted by the store cat and picked out some candy. I got a nice box of Bottle Caps, and hubs got lemon candy. And a bacon lollipop. Yum?

We went back home for a bit, and changed the baby. She had a play break before we headed out.

We had lunch at Balsam Bagels, on North Winton. They have a nice selection of lunch items, and a fun atmosphere. Again Baby Girl dropped Cheerios while we ate. She had to smile at everyone while we ate. I had a ranch panini, made of turkey, bacon, and some ranch. It also had just a bit of onions. Thier quiche is also good.

A shorter day with the wee one, but I'm glad we made it out. There are other local places I'd like to try. I figure I can check them out the rest of this holiday season.

So who shopped small / local today? Any fun finds, good times?

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