Thursday, November 15, 2012

What do I want for Christmas?

I am anticipating being asked soon for what I want for Christmas. And what I think baby wants. This is going to be her first Christmas, then her first birthday is in January. I'd rather spend time getting her list together. Not that I want to go overboard with stuff for her. She'll have more fun with the paper anyways.

I don't really need anything. And quite honestly I'm overwhelmed by all my stuff as I'm working on baby proofing the house. If people really want to buy me possessions I suppose shelves could be good. And help putting them together and securing them. Though help sorting through my excess of clothing to prepare for donation would also be good. Changing sizes does make clothing accumulate faster than it otherwise might.

So to the point of this post. I really think I'm going to make a list of places that people can donate to for gifts for me. Sure, they can still buy me stuff if the want. But it would also be nice to donate. Last month I received a letter from the library looking for donations and would like to donate to them. And there are other places that could use support.

The start of my list:
Friends of the Rochester Public Library
National Novel Writing Month
Humane Society / Lollypop
Pirate Toy Fund

Yes, I linked my list items. Useful point of reference for myself and family members. Though anyone else that wants to donate as well can.

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