Monday, April 2, 2012

B: Bianca the Butterfly #AtoZChallenge

Max sighed and swung past the empty rock. Tammy must be somewhere else this morning, silly turtle. Sometimes he had to wonder. Wanting someone to play with Max swung through the trees for awhile and soon found himself at the edge of the meadow.

The meadow. Shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, and white speckled the green grass. Monkey took a good sniff, it smelled different than his usual forest hangout. He glanced around and had to blink when a speck of orange moved. He watched it grow closer and flutter before landing on a bush near the tree he was in.

"Fine day isn't it," The butterfly spoke, looking up at Max with small eyes. "I'm Bianca."

"Max," he smiled at her. Now that she was closer he could see black lines at the edges of her wings and little yellow spots. The whole wing shimmered in the sunlight. "You have pretty wings."

"Why thank you," Bianca smiled back at him. "I did not always have them you know."

Monkey dropped out of the tree, paws softly hitting the ground. He sat next to the bush so that she was at eye level with him. "Really? Well then how did you get around?"

Bianca laughed. "I crawled. I don't remember it to much because I was young. Us butterflies start as caterpillars and crawl around before we grow our wings."

Max's eyes grew wide as Bianca described what a caterpillar looked like, all long and round and fuzzy. With no wings. Yet here she was now all pretty in the sunlight with wings to carry her to the sky. "Wow," he managed.

"I'm sure you changed to," Bianca said. "Everyone does. When we are little we don't know yet what we can grow to be." She flitted her wings to make her point. "I bet your tail wasn't as strong when you were young."

Max grinned, remembering his childhood. He was so glad now that he could swing through trees with ease. He could go where he wanted and see all sorts of places and creatures. "Ya, and it is fun to swing through the trees."

"Race you to that bush," Bianca said motioning toward one with red flowers farther along the tree line. She started off right as Max nodded and he gladly swung after her.


Dazediva said...

Such a cute story and educational too ! Your lil' one will know all about caterpillars and butterflies before her preschool friends :)

I really like the theme you've chosen for the Challenge; and the idea of making a book later for your daughter is fab !

YvonneS said...

I like the imagery and the descriptions you have put in your story. I think the idea for a book for you daughter is great. I am a little confused though. I am not sure if Max is the same as Monkey. I think he is but I am not certain. I also think a butterfly could not keep up with a Monkey because it is made to flutter and not swing. Visit me at Yvonne Says.

Kittie Howard said...

So cute and descriptive the mind smiles. What a perfect gift for your little one.

Claire Goverts said...

Thanks for the comments :)

Re Max: Max is the same monkey from A, he'll show up a lot. I didn't get to write ahead so this is quickly off the top of my head. I figured the butterfly wouldn't keep up, heck not sure why they are racing :P

Sherry Gloag said...

What a great way to use the A-Z challenge. loved your imagery and action.