Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C: Charlene the Chipmunk #AtoZChallenge

Max had fun playing with Bianca the butterfly earlier even though she was no match for him in a race. He had waved goodbye to her and headed north into the forest. He swung through trees and landed in a clearing his paws landing on soft moss. He glanced around enjoying the cool forest air and hearing the birds.

"Chirp chirp chip chip," sounded from nearby. That's a funny bird Max the monkey thought. Wait he had heard that before. Max scratched his head while thinking. Chipmunk! That's right, it was a chipmunk.

"Hey there chipmunk," Max called. There was no response aside from the chirping quieting. He called again.

"What do you want," a little face followed the voice. He could just see it peaking out from behind a fallen log.

"I wanted to say hello," Max replied. "I'm Max."

"Charlene, but only to my mother," The chipmunk replied. "Char to everyone else." She crept up to the top of the log and looked at Max.

Max smiled at her. "Would you like to play a game?"

Char started to shake her head but paused. A soft smile spread across her face and she nodded. "Sure, how about hide and seek?"

Max agreed, and they decided that she would hide first. Max covered his eyes with his paws and turned away. He counted to twenty before turning back to the clearing. He first checked the log. Nope. He then looked up the tree next to it. Nope.

Max laughed and looked under some leaves and around the moss. The longer he looked the more determined he grew to find her. Finally he spotted a hole in the ground partially covered by moss. He peaked in and saw movement.

"Come out come out," Max said and watched Char pop up. "You didn't say anything about going underground," He said when she crawled out.

"We didn't say it was off limits," Char replied with a grin.

They both laughed and repeated the game. This time with Max getting to find a hiding spot.


Kittie Howard said...

Your son is adorable. You are truly blessed.

K.S. Lewis said...

This is so cute! I love your idea. Went back to catch up to the today's letter.

Can't wait to see what other animals Max runs into.

K.S. @ Adjective, Not a Noun

YvonneS said...

Very entertaining. It reminded me of the chipmunks in our yard, our drain pipes and the french drains around our house. They dig holes every where. Good job.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful so far. I look forward to the rest.

Sherry Gloag said...

I love chipmonks, and again enjoyed your wonderful story :-0

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Fun story, full of action.

Play off the Page

The Golden Eagle said...

I love reading your A-Z stories! They're sweet.

Jackie Briere said...

what a cool name for a chipmunk! We have a lot of cute squirrels that I'm sure many cats love to chase. thanks for visiting today. I hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge so far.

Denise Mitchell said...

What lovely stories! I could just picture them all as I was reading about them.

I love this theme.

Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

Claire Goverts said...

Thanks all for the comments. Had a longer reply but my phone ate it. Baby is sleeping all snuggled up to me after she ate.

Dazediva said...

Super cute story ! Like KS Lewis I can't wait to see what other animals Max runs into !