Friday, April 6, 2012

F: Farley the Frog #AtoZChallenge

Max the Monkey skipped along the creek shore. The water splashed over rocks and gurgled in little gullies. He laughed seeing a leaf float along.


Max stopped and stepped closer to the creek's edge. In the mud next to the shallows two eyes peeked out at him. The eyes were followed by a light green body as the frog landed on a rock. "Hello I'm Max," Max said. He had heard of frogs before from Tammy his turtle friend. He had even met a few before. Not this one though.

"Farley," The frog introduced himself. "Fine day we are having, no?"

"Fine fine indeed," Monkey replied. "It would be even more fun if we could play. Would you want to?"

"Sure. How about hopscotch?" Farley leaped up to the bank sitting right at Max's paws. He looked up at the monkey.

Max had to ask what that was. The frog croaked again, his call sounding through the trees around them. Farley took a large leap back into the creek. He landed on one rock, then leaped to another. In a few moments he was on the other side of the creek. He paused before returning to Max.

"Like that. Stay on the rocks and don't get wet." Farley smiled at Max.

"I am in," Max replied with a grin of his own. He jumped into the creek, paws landing on rocks. Farley followed finding other rocks to leap onto. They both laughed while jumping around.

(Today was almost F for frazzled - it's one of those days)


Name: Luana Krause said...

Claire, how about a frazzled frog? Another cute story.

Tracy Jo said...

Great story! I hear you about being frazzled...must be going around. :-)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I think the name Farley is perfect for a frog. If you stretch it, a ribbit is similar to a farley. In fact, I think a bullfrog sounds more like a farley than a ribbit... you may be onto something here! LOL!

And yes, I am in the frazzled club today. I have the overwhelming desire to soak in a warm tub but I'm too busy to even let the water run!


Julie Jordan Scott
twitter: @juliejordanscot
F is for Frances E.W. Harper

L. M. Leffew said...

I'm with Luana, I like the idea of a Frazzled Frog. Farley, the Frazzled Frog?

Cute post. :)