Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Days of all things good: Music.

Today's post of all things good is music. I love many different types of music and listen to it often. I even listen to it while writing. When I'm writing I tend to tune out the words and it becomes known background to cover noises of random distraction.

Other times when I'm not doing to much I like to take time and enjoy both the lyrics and the rhythm. When I need a mood pick me up something upbeat does the trick. Or even when I'm in a good mood It's fun to listen to something upbeat. Just this evening I was listening to Ayumi Hamasaki's Fairyland song a few times.

And of course certain songs can remind me of my characters or a work in progress. "I'm a believer" from the Shrek soundtrack always makes me think about my main character from my romantic mainstream novel draft. The lyrics speak to what he's going through.


Angela Ackerman said...

I like music sometimes when I draft, but find it needs to be instrumental. If it has words in it, I find myself listening rather than writing, lol.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Claire Goverts said...

I've seen a lot of writers mention the same thing with preferring instrumental for the same reason. I must just process differently then most with tuning out the words while writing. Though that only works with songs I listen to often enough.