Saturday, April 23, 2011

A to Z: Trixie Toby and Maya

T is for cat? I wanted to do something random today and I remembered how Julie had done her pets' names to match the letter of the day. Seeing as how I have two T-kitties I figured I could post about my cats today. Plus Maya is a tabby cat so I can sneak her into the post.

This is Trixie, my husband and I brought her home from the local shelter shortly after we got married. She's been my pal ever since. This is my lap cat, the cat who loves to get attention all the time, and who still likes to chase the string. She's 9 years old and still fairly active.

She likes to greet us on weekend mornings. She'll wander into the bedroom and crawl all over us, then she'll nudge my face to get me to pet her. 

Toby came to us from family and he's quite happy here with us. He loves my husband and I though he's not to fond of Trixie. The two of them are still vying for top cat position.

He does have a bad habit of stealing spots. He waits until one of us gets up of the sofa then will jump right into the recently vacated spot and make himself comfortable. In this picture he's in my spot on the sofa, that's my lap blanket he's up against.

And Maya, the tabby cat. She's not just a tabby, but she's a ticked-tabby. Basically her individual hairs have bands of color on them. She also has ghost stripes on her torso. Depending on the light her stripes down her torso are easier or harder to see. Her leg and tail stripes are always visible. And her fur is incredibly soft, it feels like silk. Her fur also has a downy quality to it, when I give her a bath the water beads up on her and rolls off. It takes awhile to work water into her fur so I can then lather her up.

This is our plays with water cat. She loves to drop toys in the water dish, sometimes getting water on the floor in the process. I had to take away their knit toy because it would wick all the water out of the dish.


Carrie said...

I think it is great that your cat is standing on the Wii balance board. I try to get my cats to do that but they won't. One will allow himself to get weighed on the balance board though.

Keena said...

what a great post.....

~Claire~ said...

Trixie is adorable, but I have a soft spot for black long-haired cats, they've been the best cats I've ever had!! Very strange though, one of them had a pure white undercoat, most bizarre thing I've seen yet:)

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and suggesting to me, I'll definitely be trying it!!

K.C. Woolf said...

Trixie, Toby and 'the tabby'. :-) They're wonderful! :-)

Julie said...

They are all so cute! I'd never heard of a ticked-tabby before. Maya is gorgeous, that's so interesting. All three are beautiful cats. :)

I love reading about their different personalities, cats are all so unique. Great post! :)

Debora Dennis said...

Love your cat pics! I've two myself and love them to pieces. :)