Thursday, April 28, 2011

A to Z: X =10

Yes, I had no idea what to write for today's letter. X is very tricky like that. And it doesn't help that everything that first came to mind was only X sounding, not actually starting with the letter (exciting). I even pulled out a dictionary, which had only one page for the letter X.

Nothing really struck me for a post topic until I read through the X definition. Webster's 2 mentions that X is the Roman numeral for 10. I like numbers and all, plus 10 has a nice metric vibe to it so I figured what the heck.

Which of course got me thinking about years. Awhile back I put together a 10 year plan for myself in MS Project. The main goal being to have several finished novels. I set a specific length of time for first drafts and revisions, and research, having one task lead into the next. Unfortunately I got behind in my writing which threw the whole thing off. For now I'm going to concentrate on revising one of my current drafts and seeing how long a revision pass takes me. Then maybe I'll revise my 10 year plan.

If you asked them, where would your characters see themselves in 10 years time? What do you have in mind for them in said time. And what about you? Any hopes, dreams, goals, of where you would like to be in the next 10 years? For me I'd love to be a published novelist, with several novels out. I'm not sure what else right now.


Ella said...

Great X post; good luck on your revisions! I hope to have my art published again in Stampington publications! I wish you well~

Julie said...

This was a great choice for X. I have the same goals as you for ten years, I'd love to be a published novelist. Here's hoping we both make it! :)

Mixed Martial Arts Los Angeles said...

That's a really interesting perspective. In writing, I would never think to think of my character in ten years! Best of your luck on your goals. After all, "They" say you can do anything you put your mind to!