Monday, April 25, 2011

A to Z: Victory!

Now that we are in the home stretch of the challenge I thought victory would be a fun post topic.

Victory can be seen in multiple ways. It can be winning the big game, or it can be a more personal victory like a newly achieved goal. And there are even victory dances.

What have your characters done that they would consider a victory? Would other characters see it as such?

And with the challenge what victories have you had? For me I've met some great people and I've also been blogging regularly for a few weeks now.


Julie said...

I feel like just finishing the Challenge is a great victory for me, I think I will do some kind of victory dance when I've finished my Z post. :D

I'm working on a mystery story and the biggest victory for my main character will be to figure out what's going on, but he's a long way away from that.

Great V post! :)

Claire Goverts said...

Post challenge victory dance, I like it. The challenge has been fun, though it has been tricky keeping up with everything.

Good luck to your MC figuring out his mystery.

J.L. Campbell said...

I too have met some wonderful people and I'm still coming across others as the time winds down. 1200+ blogs is a lot of ground to cover.

The good thing about characters is that most of the time, they get to solve most if not all of their problems.