Monday, April 25, 2011

A to Z: Utopia

This is going to be more of a random week for post topics. While I have been coming up with some topics on they go here I've at least had some ideas ahead of time for possible topics. Though for this week all the letters in my notebook are blank. And I don't have as much time as I'd like to research topics.

So I'm going with whatever pops into my head, and today's U post is for utopia. Basically utopia is an ideal community or society, but if you think about it that can mean different things for different people. In fiction we tend to steer away from a utopian society because there needs to be conflict to help drive the story forward. Sure, sometimes a world might look utopian at first glance, but as you get into the story more you can see the little negatives piling up and realize what the characters are up against.

I was out at my mom's house for Easter yesterday, and my husband and I drove along Lake Erie on the way out (and back) to see her. Since husband was driving I got to take my time and gaze across the lake. Looking directly across the water there is a little ribbon of land where water meets sky; Canada. And looking diagonally the city of Buffalo is visible. Buffalo was cool in the day, but when we drove home at night It was all lights against the inky black sky and lake. I had some fun letting my imagination ponder over the scene and how it could fit into various world setups. Without much of the landscape to frame the buildings those lights could have been of any future/past city in any sort of world.

So what types of things would your character want to see in a utopia? What 'tweaks' on utopia do you like to write into your books or read in other books?


Julie said...

I'm the same this week, I don't have the posts planned. It's fun to have made it to the last week though! :)

That scene you describe from last night sounds spectacular. Any utopia for me or my characters would have to include water of some kind. When I think of a perfect spot it always seems to include the ocean, lakes, waterfalls, etc.

Rebecca Dupree said...

My utopia has lots of waterfalls. And it's always summer. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know I have a utopia, but I sure do have a head buzzing with characters. One of them decided to step in via your prompt: U is for Under!

Thank you ever so much, and do take a look when you can :D

J.L. Campbell said...

Utopia would include the death of poverty.