Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

Happy Independence Day to US peeps, and happy Monday all. :) With the holiday here I have today off from work and the weather couldn't be better. Low 80s F and low humidity.

My husband and I spent some time outside today with Trixie and Whiskers. Whiskers got snappy so he went inside after a short while. I wandered around the front yard with Trixie who was rather happy to be outside eating grass. The picture here is her picking the grass out of the one spot in the garden.

I'm back inside now, watching a TopGear marathon with my husband on BBC America. Kind of an ironic way to spend the fourth but its a fun show. We would probably be watching Babylon 5 at some point if it hadn't just been removed from Netflix instant watch. We'll have to put the DVDs in our queue. While I've seen it before it is fun to watch again and see the various bits of foreshadowing. ( Yes pun intended.)