Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One word for 2015

I've been thinking about what my One Word for 2015 should be. This is somewhat based on my StrengthsQuest results, my top 5 are along the lines of gather all the ideas and know all the things.

But there is no focus in there, StrengthsQuest or otherwise. I'm great at ideas but focusing and follow through can be lacking. Plus to sometimes I feel like I have to be all the things for all the people. Having a toddler probably doesn't help much with that.

I do want more time for myself. I miss writing and bead work. I'd like to see how I can work some of that into our routine at home. Perhaps something special to occupy toddler nearby while I bead. Maybe some big beads of her own. She will be 3 next month, so we are getting past the "warning small parts" phase of childhood.

That being said, here is my brainstorming list of words. Perhaps my train of thought can be seen in these.

Follow through

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A writer who doesn't write

What do you call a writer that doesn't write? Frustrated? Unhappy? Bored? Lacking a voice?

Between my blogs and my fiction, I've hit a bit of a dry spell. Not so much for lack of ideas, more so for trying to figure out time to write between everything else. Even my lunch at work has morphed into student loan bills and car payments. At least some of my lunches I have spent walking. In addition to wanting to write more I also want to be more physically active.

Cell Phone Step Chart
I even did particularly well this past week with my step count. Only one day was I below 5,000 steps. At least according to my phone. Some days it is pretty close to my pedometer, other day short by about a thousand steps or so. While that margin of error is pretty big, I figure that this give me a ball park of my activity without having to write down my step count every day.

I do think about my writing while I walk. Some walks this is thoughts and stories that might be good for mommy blogging. Other times it is my characters for specific works of fiction. Or even those plot bunny muse bite of "what if that did...." types of ideas.

Thinking about things in enjoyable. And depending on the stage of a project it is helpful for me to let things peculate a bit while I ponder how to start a scene or a relationship between characters. But thinking alone for months and months isn't fun. I need to get the words down, and add them to a growing body of work. To see them take shape. To change them as the idea further develops.

Same thing with the blog. Though with blogging, I like to see what others are writing. To me blogging is social, and only updating my own blog is like talking without listening.

So I'm going to try and do some actual writing each week. It may come down to assigning a specific week day where my lunch is a writing lunch. That way I can still walk, and pay bills, and have time to enjoy various other activities.

Any other thoughts on what to call not writing? How do others get back into the swing of things?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

E: engagement

At the end of the day
I'll never regret the time I keep my phone away
And sit with my daughter to play.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B: Blossom

Buds pushing forth
through winter hardened earth
Leaves unfurling
opening to the warming sun
Growing taller.

Blossoms bursting open
Into vibrant colors.
Reds, yellows, orange, purple.
Releasing thier delicate fragrance
Into the spring breezes.

Quick poem is quick. And more colorful than my budding snowdrops. Said plants survived 6 plus inches of wet heavy snow on Saturday.

And PSA to vote Ellsworth at Brockport. And hit our share buttons on the page. Please and thank you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Awsome: Final round

Following up on my last post, we won our round thanks to everyone sharing in addition to the voting. It was exciting to see.

Here's the link for the final round. Votes for Ellsworth at Brockport would be great, along with using our team share buttons.

Vote for Ellsworth!

I'm doing an unofficial A to Z challenge,  so I'm posting as I can and am planning on visiting other blogs. I'll probably post poetry again this year.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mascot Madness

The college I work at is participating in a social media challenge via mascot voting against other SUNY schools. We've made it into the final 4 after a few very close rounds.

Our mascot is Ellsworth Eagle facing off against Hugo the hawk. Hugo currently has a big lead, but I'm hoping that some of my readers can click through to vote for our Brockport mascot. And shares from the Ellsworth button on the Suny blog also count so clicks are appreciated with votes. Thank you :)