Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Of cats and babies

As my husband and I have been preparing for the birth of our first born we've been keeping the cats in mind. I'm excited for baby and I know she is going to require much of or time. I do feel bad for the cats having less of our time. Whiskers in particular, he has been in a major playful mood recently and needs extra play time. Maya will play with him at times so that helps.

So I've been thinking of buying them a cat tree for Christmas. With all the stuff for baby the cats deserve sometime new for them as well. I've been wanting to get them one for awhile anyways. And I'm sure Toby would appreciate a good perch for when Whiskers is chasing him.

I have also been trying out various cat toys to see what they might like. I've been looking at ones they can play with on thier own if needed, but we can still toss around to. Whiskers likes this little play and squeak mouse. As it gets bopped around it makes a mouse squeaking noise. He tosses it then chases it.

When baby is born I'll keep a good eye on how the cats are around her. I don't think any of the cats would harm her, but better to be careful. Heck, she might enjoy being held by one of us and watching the other play with the cats. Whiskers does run after the teaser pretty quick when he wants to play.