Monday, May 6, 2013

Z is for Zoo

Sights sounds
and of course smells.
Drifting around on a warm spring day.

People milling about, faces pressed against glass
Dark shadows glide by.
"Otter mommy" squeals one girl.
"I see him" another child cries.

Even smaller ones wander about.
Toddler hands waving at wobbling water.

We took my 15 month old to the zoo the weekend before last. She watched some of the animals but was more interested in everything else going on around her. Our zoo is pretty cool with some of the water stuff that you can see from below the water level in indoor viewing areas.

Y is for Yarn

The cat finds a string
winding around legs
feet tripping

Sweater knitting
sleeves growing
Colors within pattern

A story told
he met her
she liked him

Growing old together
becoming young again
tales wild and strange

Yes, catch up time for the two last posts for A to Z. Last week got busy, so here they are.