Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear daughter

Dear Daughter,

Today you decided to wake early. Your three month old self didn't cry. You made random baby noises to let us know we were needed.

After feeding you and having my coffee while daddy held you we had some extra time together. I held you in my lap while reading your Nutcracker ballet book. Off season, but that didn't matter. Such joy I had watching your eyes look at the pages while I read. I held your hand to guide it to the textures.

For the first time you opened your hands while reading. Your little fingers stroked the fairy's crown and the dancer's skirt. Your eyes were focused on the pages.

You did not cry when you woke because you trusted us to change and feed you. You relaxed in our arms, content with us. You were more interested in the book, a small piece of the world around you. Such wonder for one so small, shared with a mother. And a father.

Experimental blog posts ahead

I'm going to be experimenting with different types of blog posts. Feedback is welcome as I work towards writing with a slice of life.