Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stats Nerd post

I was poking through some of my files yesterday and found my paper from my advanced statistics course I took in my last semester of college. It was nice to review it, and I got a laugh out of a typo. It was also useful to see what specific statistical tests I had run, as that may come in handy when I discuss my statistical experience while job hunting. (I wonder how many other undergraduate students got to run multivariate analysis of variance. My college had that advanced stats elective course taught by the psychology department).

Not that I'm going to post the whole paper, these are just the specific tests I had run. The # x # refers to the number of groups an independent variable has.

  • The first design was a 2 × 10 × 4 between-subjects MANOVA with 4 dependent variables. The effect of gender by subject by level was analyzed.
  • For the second design I used a 10 × 2 between-subjects ANOVA, analyzing the effect of subject by gender on learned a lot.       
  • For the third design I used a 10 × 2 between-subject ANCOVA, analyzing the effects of subject by gender on learned a lot while controlling for level.   
  • For the fourth design I used a 2 × 10 between-subjects MANCOVA. The effects of gender by subject on learned a lot, satisfied with instruction, recommend instructor, and grades reflect performance was studied while controlling for level was analyzed.
  • For the fifth design I used a one way between subjects ANOVA. I tested the effect of gender on learned a lot. 

I had analyzed course evaluations for my project, looking at levels of classes (100 v 200 ...), gender, and course subject. Frame of reference for the stats. Now back to cover letters, job postings, and such.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wish me luck: Job Hunting

Long story short, my department was restructured and my position was eliminated. So I'm now unemployed and am currently working on getting a new job. I've been on a few interviews for jobs in my field, so things are moving along. I've been working in higher education (Institutional Research), which is where I've been interviewing.

While still working on the job stuff I am trying to figure out ways to get some creative time in. I figure that could help with this transitional time. Plus too I hadn't been getting as much writing / jewelry time in with the baby. I do want to make sure to spend plenty of time with her, she'll only be this young once. Right now it is just a balance of everything. And as she gets a little older the two of us can draw / paint together. With her being so little I think I may sketch more often. That has less parts to clean up quickly for when she needs me.

I've been debating for awhile what changes I might want to make to my blogging time. I keep toying with the notion of making a "mommy" blog. I like to mention daughter here occasionally, but I want to keep this as my main writer / life blog. I also want to blog about more local topics, kid related places could go in my mommy blog while other topics could go here. And I'm also thinking of blogging about topics relating to my field. Not sure exactly what I'd write about yet for that. It would depend on my audience.

Yes, ramble post of ramble. I've been wanting to mention job hunting for awhile, and every time I think of what to say I debate about what to include. This blog is writing with a slice of life, and right now this is a pretty big slice of life.